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Candid Threads was born from a longstanding love of travel and local handicrafts.

We source, showcase and tell the story of unique and hard-to-find handmade scarves and wraps that not only reflect impeccable craftsmanship, but are also unique in their design and origin. Our aim is to bring together local artisan communities and scarf designers from around the world with socially conscious, fashion-forward shoppers.

We carefully choose the highest quality threads from these communities, helping them to generate sustainable businesses and make a positive impact on their local economy. Whether we work with a group of elderly weavers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a small farm in Nepal or an independent designer who employs a women's collective in Bengal, India, we take pride in helping to preserve this ancient art form, which spans centuries of tradition, transcends country borders and continuously evolves with time, while sharing our love of scarves with our customers.

As a company we believe in being honest about the origins of each product, and care deeply about the stories, skill and heritage behind every scarf we sell.