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Scarves with title

Scarves possess the unique ability to last through passing trends, transcend country borders, and define one's personal style. 

Candid Threads takes pride in sourcing and showcasing unique, hard-to-find handmade scarves and wraps from local artisans around the world. Our scarves have been carefully selected to meet the highest standards of quality, fabric and design. Whether woven by upcoming designers in Ethiopia or produced by fairtrade projects in India, each of them tells a story - not only of colour and heritage, but also of love and compassion.

Though we favour quality over quantity, we offer a wide variety of different fabrics, colours and styles. From the lightweight cotton or silk scarves to the more sophisticated cashmere scarves; from monochromatic pastels, neutrals and warm tones, to the more statement printed and patterned pieces, there is something special for each and every scarf enthusiast out there.