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Nupur from Aish

What inspired you to create your collection?

My love of textiles and a curiosity of the craft led me down this path; although, the ultimate inspiration is travel and voyage. I starve for a unique local experience wherever I go and I seek the artisanal. All that taught me one big lesson – I first need to appreciate what is in my own backyard.
What is unique about your process of production? How do you come up with the designs for your scarves?

We work with an “editing” mindset.  An old Jamdani saree is our canvas and we start by editing out what seems extraneous to our concept. The result is a scarf with a 2000-year-old Indian motif, a color combination picked up from a surfboard spotted on the shiny beaches of California, which is finally worn as a cool cotton shawl in Tokyo.
What are your favorite "secrets" about Calcutta?

1. Cheeni(sugar) toast and tea, early in the morning in Dalhousie.
2. An afternoon at the Marble Palace in Chorbagan – staring at Rembrandts.
3. Finding the many new budding designers and embroiderers in the old winding lanes of the city.
Who is your Muse?

I like to see how women and men with very different style languages adopt the same scarf. The only thing that is needed is an appreciation for the imperfect, to embrace the irregularities. If they want each piece to be alike and flawless, they will not be wearing Aish. A homogeneous world is a boring place.


LOV project

Lov Project

Hello –  please tell us a little about yourself

Anoohska and I are business partners and have been in the fashion industry for 17 years. Anooshka started as a buyer and eventually opened her boutique Rumor in 2006. I graduated from design school in 2005 with a BA in Design and Marketing and worked  for a company called Jenny Han as an assistant designer for 4 years. In 2009 I started a clothing line, Ani Apparel which was the way I met Anooshka. Anooshka would sell my clothes in her store and our business relationship turned into a friendship.

With both of our experience and knowledge we decided to travel to India in search for a product with meaning. It was March of 2011 when we traveled to southern India and founded LOV Project.

When did you know you wanted to design scarves?

We knew we wanted to design scarves right before our travels to India. We both love wearing scarves and can never get enough of them. The fabric quality, colors and prints are so important to us. It is the perfect accessory to add to an outfit and knew it would be every girls closet must have item.

Tell us about your design process?

In order for us to start designing the collections we need inspiration. We get our inspiration from different things such as India's colorful markets, prints, spices, people, architecture, etc. After being inspired Anooshka and I design a print pattern and work with artisans in facility to create different techniques and create stamps for us for hand blocking.

What sort of creative challenges do you face?

Being one step ahead of the fashion industry and creating a print that is universal.

Where are you based and where do you like to spend your free time and find inspiration?

We are based out of Los Angeles and spend most of our free time hiking and in nature. We are big advocates of nature and find ourselves outside most of the time. I like to find inspiration through artwork, buildings, trees and anything related to natural elements.

Do you have any style tips for scarf enthusiasts?

People don't realize how many ways you can wear your scarf. My favorite was is wearing it as a turban or as a swim suit cover up.



Sozni collaborates directly with the most skilled artisans of Kashmir, India, who continue to work in the Pashmina textiles tradition, while encouraging them to bridge the past and present by incorporating contemporary design elements into the longstanding hand-weaving craft. The embroidered scarves are stunning pieces of art, encompassing traditional values and modern creativity at the same time.
Sozni pride themselves in staying true to the artisanal tradition by using
only the highest quality materials in their collections. No piece is at any point touched by a machine, rendering it completely handmade and truly one-of-a-kind.


Hello – please tell us a little about yourself

My name is Florence. I'm a french designer based in Madrid, Spain. Florenz brand line is a family business runned by me and my husband David Sanz Frías. We strongly believe in craftsmanship and in the arts crossing borders.

When did you know you wanted to design scarves?

I know I wanted to design textiles & scarves a few years ago. I was an art director for a company but I was actually obsessed with fashion, travel, meeting people from all over the world, working with beautiful textiles and found some new life goals. Spain's economic crisis was the trigger. It forced us to make the right decision.

Tell us about your design process?

I normally work on moodboards for a while. Most of my inspiration comes from travels, textiles from all around the world, books and museums. After that, I begin to work directly on textile patterns making sure my designs are compatible with the artisans' hand-dying techniques.

What sort of creative challenges do you face?

Creating contemporary designs while blending in and respecting indian heritage of handmade techniques is an everyday challenge.

Where are you based and where do you like to spend your free time and find inspiration?

We are based in Madrid but we also spend a lot of our time in India and France. Our next travel adventure will be to Tibet and Vietnam!

Do you have any style tips for scarf enthusiasts?

A great scarf is an easy way to dress up an everyday look and can easily be stolen by your boyfriend!